Fact 2 – Limited High Yielding Stock

Residential property investors desire higher monthly yields.

Our Assquire properties offer well over conventional net monthly yields and are much rarer than conventional properties at this point in time.

What does that mean to an investor?

If investors want to beat other investors to the very limited stock that provides these accelerated yield opportunities, they need to pre-apply to HRL before other investors do.

This will provide you with an understanding of what HRL’s credit criteria are and will give you time to discuss Assquire and the Explanatory Guide for Investors, Explanatory Guide for Lenders and Assquire Product Specification with your preferred lender.

You may also wish to de-risk the investment proposition by asking if a credit approved MA buyer has already been linked/approved for that particular property.

If the properties for sale to MA buyers are rare, investors might just take the risk on a delay in a match to an MA buyer – just to ensure properties get listed early.

[This will especially be so if HRL limit the numbers, because of limits on our ability to process willing customers/investors, in the early stages].

Read more at http://assquire.com.au/aap/

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