If you are considering purchasing a property from https://buyorinvest.com.au/investors/  to use in the Assquire system, you are advised to Apply to become an Assquire investor before you buy. We will then provide you with information that is central to you making an informed property choice and confirming that both you and your property of choice do qualify for Assquire, before you go to the expense and trouble of making a particular property purchase.


We also recommend that you see your solicitor for advice and to discuss a “Subject to Assquire” clause to add to your purchase contract.


The owners and operators of this website (or any other website) do not warrant that any property advertised for sale to property investors is fit for use in the Assquire system, although those advertised for sale and lease BY Assquire investors on https://buyorinvest.com.au/buyers/ ARE pre-approved for sale to Mortgage Alternative home buyers under the Assquire system.


Once you are in an informed position, have been prequalified by Haigslea Residential as above as an Assquire investor and you see a property you are interested in making an offer on as an Assquire investor purchaser, contact the agent listed on that advertised property for a viewing and to make an offer to purchase in the conventional way, subject to suitability of the property for the Assquire system.

Checking for suitability of the property for the Assquire system is part of the Assquire investor agency appointment process.