Introduction and Background:

Whilst is merely a property listings website and the site owner (Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd ACN 165 856 860) does not sell property for a commission, you will clearly be interested in visiting our partner affiliated sites (run by Haigslea Residential Limited ACN 168 101 479 (HRL)) and in looking at the form of Agency appointment terms that HRL uses, before you list your property for sale with them (as an Assquire investor for sale to an MA Buyer).

Some builders of new homes also appoint HRL to assist them to find buyers for their homes. For any other vendor to an Assquire investor who continues to use their own sales agency, their own sales agency’s Form 6 applies to list the property on this website for you.

So here’s a quick summary on HRL and its Form 6.

All real estate agents selling residential real estate in Queensland are required by the Property Occupations Act 2014 to be licensed as a real estate agent with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

HRL is an unlisted public company and the holder of a corporate real estate licence number 3995434 expiring on 16 February 2019. The company currently operates from the Centenary suburbs in Brisbane’s West, but in this age of “digital disruption”, will expand through a variety of distribution channels including builders, other real estate agencies and mortgage brokers across Brisbane and beyond.

The person in charge of the agency is one of its Directors, Keith Burchill B Com LLB (Hons) CA, who also holds a full personal real estate licence (Number 4001920 expiring 2 March 2019). Keith is a lawyer, chartered accountant and real estate agent by education and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1985. Keith has a number of licensed real estate agents and sales representatives in his team, who assist other real estate agencies (and other distribution channels) in understanding the Assquire system and how they too can assist investors and home buyers.

Assquire investors appoint HRL as their licensed real estate agent to sell their property to Mortgage Alternative home buyers.

Vendors to Assquire investor buyers do not need to complete the Property Occupations Act Form 6 below (if they already have a selling agent), and nor do Mortgage Alternative home buyers (who don’t pay selling commissions).

However, Assquire investors wishing to sell and lease to Mortgage Alternative home buyers will need to review, agree to and eventually complete the Form 6 to appoint HRL as their agent and forward it by post or email to HRL at the address of the company noted in Part 2 of the standard conditions attached below. We attach a copy below, but for more details and to apply, you will need to go to the HRL operated investor website.

HRL does not generally conjunct with vendor’s agents, who remain fully entitled to their commission on sale by a vendor to an Assquire investor via a conventional sale. However, existing residential property owners who rent their properties today (or who otherwise wish to “switch over” to the higher yielding Assquire system with deferred settlement and lease) must appoint HRL (under an open listing) to sell their property and lease it to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer who applies for MA on the other buyer website operated by HRL here. This protects the intellectual property and the integrity of the product for all investors and home buyers.

HRL does, however, conjunct with property managers on the property management aspects for the up to ten year lease periods. If you are a licensed real estate agent interested in this opportunity, see here.


Download Agency Appointment Form

Download the Agency Appointment (PO6) form in PDF format from here for an Assquire investor owner that is a self managed superannuation fund and from here for all other Assquire investors.

Note that you will need a PDF reader application (such as the free Adobe Reader) on your computer or device to open and print this document.