Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) is a property investment and management group Assquire® licensed to deliver a new patented system and way (Assquire®) for matching residential investors and serious home buyers.

Distribution to the consumer market (investors and credit worthy home buyers struggling with the deposit gap) is via existing delivery channels that become sub-licensed by HRL (or in some cases the owners of the Assquire® system – see below) to use the patented system. Those distribution channels increase their own sales and use the Assquire® system under license to achieve their own marketing point of differentiation.

Residential property investors and home buyers can, by logging on to this BuyOrInvest.com.au website, view approved property listings from vendors, builders or investors licensed by Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd to use the Assquire® system to sell their specific property.

About Haigslea Residential

Following its formation in August 2010, the Haigslea Group progressively assembled a team of over 20 extremely well qualified and experienced professionals to progressively develop and tie together the “backbone” required to allow Assquire® to come to market in Australia in a scaleable way, and to market sound the concept through the finance and property industries, including funding and distribution channels, so that the product could be progressively refined for optimum customer and business outcomes and be appropriately priced for market.

In February 2014, Haigslea Group incorporated its first wholly owned subsidiary, Haigslea Australia Funds Management Limited (HAFM) and embarked upon the preparation and issue of an Information Memorandum and the commissioning of an independent ratings report for its first residential Mortgage Alternative Residential Fund, which was issued in May 2014 and was rated investment grade for the institutional market. Discussions on institutional involvement are continuing to progress.

In November 2014, Haiglsea Group commenced to establish a non-institutional strategy to allow individual private residential property investors to also gain access to the opportunity to use Assquire® to invest in their own residential properties, and to access the accelerated yield and recession proofing aspects that Assquire® generates, without having to be part of a pooled funding arrangement.
In July 2015, HAFM changed its name to Haigslea Residential Limited with the intent to form its own property management and funds management arms into 2016.

In February 2016, HRL received its real estate agency licence in Queensland from the Office of Fair Trading.

In August 2016, HRL incorporated its leasing administration arm, Haigslea Leasing Pty Ltd, as a wholly owned subsidiary of HRL.

About the Australian Intellectual Property Owner and its Licensing Role

Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd (“MAPL”) was incorporated in September 2013 to run a research pilot with would be Mortgage Alternative (MA) buyers to both test customer demand for the product and to provide the early metrics to show the institutional capital markets that there was indeed customer demand from home buyers for a new alternative to a traditional mortgage (where there are fire sale risks if the buyer loses their job or becomes ill) or to renting (where all capital growth goes to the landlord).

This successfully generated 72 Expressions of Interest from just 4 Facebook advertisements and with no mainstream radio or television advertising used over the four month period that it ran in the market. No distribution channels were used or permitted to be used at that time either to promote Mortgage Alternative to home buyers, as the product was not formally available for use by home buyers at that time. It was a customer research phase only. Nevertheless, 45 of those customers were conditionally accepted, pending business launch to the consumer market – which will occur in 2016.

In July 2015, MAPL acquired the Australian intellectual property that comprises the Assquire® system.

MAPL intends to license in Australia, upon application and on a property by property or fund by fund basis, the patent pending intellectual property to residential funds, project marketing companies, new home builders and to other vendors of established homes, and to investors (institutional and Mum and Dad investors) to use the Assquire® system to make more sales faster.

MAPL also licenses HRL which will in turn sub-license the real estate industry to deliver its usual services for established homes as well as some new homes, as they currently do for conventional landlords, to Assquire® investors, and HRL will perform the property management function for other new homes and the “non -real estate agency” part of the Assquire system functions for established homes.

MAPL and HRL collectively offer a new channel of buyers to these markets by managing the vendor listing, the current landlord/owner listing and MA buyer home occupation and purchasing processes – and allowing credit worthy buyers assessed by HRL to move in sooner, with a lower deposit requirement and no mortgage debt for up to ten years.

HRL services the needs of both the investors (current landlords or established homes buyers via its Assquire® sub-licensed real estate agencies, who enter into service level agreements with HRL) and Mortgage Alternative buyers who use the Assquire® system to sell and purchase residential properties, with the assistance of accredited product agents like real estate agents and mortgage brokers trained in their roles as part of the implementation of Assquire® contracts. The usual property management systems that real estate agents use to report monthly to investors who rent a property to a tenant are also used to report to Assquire® investors on the cash inflows and outflows under the Assquire® system of purchasing and selling residential properties.

MAPL and HRL have each created a management team with the skills to compete and expand in a rapidly changing marketplace. These skills cover the broad markets of fund management, real estate, finance, asset management, credit and risk management, insurance, information technology, product distribution and marketing. New appointments to the consulting team and of more operational staff are intended to occur in future as the business develops further.

The real estate agencies and builder/developer, mortgage broking and financial services sectors offer the opportunity for substantial product reach to investors and home buyers.

For sub-licensing, website sponsorship or joint marketing opportunities, or to invest in either MAPL or HRL as a sophisticated investor or institutional investor, please contact us at info@mortgagealternative.com.au

How Property Investors and Home Buyers Apply Now

Residential property investors apply on line to use the Assquire® system to buy on conventional terms from a vendor/builder (unless they already own the property – we take those applicants too), then sell and lease residential properties to MA approved home buyers (called Assquire® investing). HRL assesses both the investor and the home buyer, and assesses the suitability of all Assquire® properties listed for sale on this website.

Owner occupiers buy homes for owner occupation (called Mortgage Alternative or MA home buying). They cannot buy to rent it out, thus restricting the business to serious home owners and alleviating pressures in the private rental market and generating future property wealth for home owners.

Assquire® delivers superior investment yield to investors via simultaneous sale and 10 year leasing to a home buyer who purchases with a stretched settlement at a pre-agreed price and occupies a home (also as the tenant) whilst they save their full deposit, and then takes a mortgage post-settlement in up to ten years time, if not earlier.

Unlike a conventional mortgage, the Mortgage Alternative product involves no home buyer debt before settlement in up to ten years time and is best suited to credit worthy customers struggling with the deposit gap caused by upfront costs like mortgage insurance. It is also a great way for parents and grandparents to assist their adult children to start creating their own wealth, through fast tracking their children’s own home ownership lifestyle benefits.