Assquire Queries
Q1: What is Assquire?

A1: Please go to for details.

Click Here to View our Step by Step Guide – Assquire Easy Steps

It’s about selling and leasing your property over a period of up to ten years, for much higher monthly net yields, in return for foregoing some of the future capital growth. You can Assquire either a property you no longer choose to live in, or that you have already purchased for investment and rental and now wish to switch to Assquire for the higher net yields.

Assquire properties get listed under “Buy to Live in” on the BuyOrInvest ( home page. These are for MA home buyers to purchase now from sellers who already own the property or who “Buy to Assquire”/ invest. MA home buyers purchase on deferred settlement terms of up to ten years and lease/live in the home as if it were their own for up to ten years. They have bought the home from the Assquire investor, just not settled yet, and their interests are protected by a buyer’s mortgage on the Assquire investor seller’s title (that sits behind the Assquire investor’s lender’s mortgage) and a registered lease – they look to accumulate/save a hefty deposit for a conventional mortgage to be used when they settle with the Assquire investor at or before a pre-agreed time.

Assquire investors with a minimum 30% equity in the property effectively “cradle” first time and other buyers into home equity and ownership over the up to ten year period, instead of competing them out of the market. What a great idea!

Conventional vendors list and sell their properties (on conventional terms with the usual short settlement) – and pay the usual commission to their real estate listing agencies – on “Buy to Invest”. The buyers of these properties are Assquire investors who then resell on extended settlement terms to MA buyers on “Buy to Live in”.

Q2: I've gone to for details. Can a conventional seller list their property for sale here with a shorter settlement of say 45 or 60 days (shorter than Mortgage Alternative’s ten years) instead of using the Assquire system?

A2: Yes. They list under “Buy to [Assquire] Invest” on the home page, and sell on conventional terms to Assquire investors.

Why this is not rent to buy
Q3: Is this a rent to buy?

A3: Mortgage Alternative (MA) is an alternative purchasing method involving deferred settlement and long term lease of a property and the attached table and this paper in the link below explain why it dramatically differs to Rent to Buy models that are severely criticised by the media and by courts.

As a summary comment:

  • Rent to buy models do not provide the buyer with a mortgage on the seller’s title to protect part of deposit payments and inflated rents in the event of seller default. Mortgage Alternative (MA) does;

  • They also do not usually involve a registered lease on title, noting the lessee’s (and in our case sub-lessee’s interest(s). MA does;

  • Rent to Buy models are often simply a lease with no upfront Contract of Sale and are mentioned on the internet and in the media. Generally, unlicensed agents are involved, prices and rents are abnormally high and contracts favour the Seller. People enter the associated contracts without seeking advice.

  • Rent to buy models also do not typically require an independent solicitor’s certificate in advance of signing contracts to confirm that the contract terms have been explained to them. MA does – for both the investor/seller and the MA Buyer. However, no one controls future property price movements, and if a party to the contracts is not aware of the likely direction of future residential property prices during the Mortgage Alternative period, independent advice should be sought to consider whether the product is right for that particular party, in their particular circumstances.

Click here to read more.

Click here to view a summary table of differences between Mortgage Alternative and the Rent to Buy models that are severely criticised by the media and by courts.

Listing queries
Q4: I am not a builder or developer, just an individual wanting to sell my property. How much does a listing cost me as a seller?


The cost is usually $1,000 plus GST for a “Mum and Dad” seller (more for builders in the business of selling properties) but we have an introductory offer where we waive this fee completely for “Mum and Dad” sellers to Assquire investors whilst the Assquire and Mortgage Alternative products establish their stock for sale, to give our Assquire investor buyers optimum choice. 

Ignoring builders who can view the higher (but very reasonable) listing fees on, there are two different types of sellers on BuyOrInvest:

  1. Sellers who are Assquire Investors wanting high yields and deferred settlement: For a seller that is an Assquire investor (e.g. a new owner or current landlord each looking for the higher accelerated cash flows from a ten year lease attached to the deferred settlement with an MA buyer), our projections for a $500,000 property suggest that you could get the cost of $1,000 plus GST back from the increased rents you receive, after tax and after all costs, in as little as 4 months. And yet the accelerated cash flows last for up to ten years! We are not listing this property to the general market – only (and exclusively) to MA buyers!
  2. Conventional (normal settlement) Sellers to Assquire investors: For a seller looking to sell and get their money shortly, who decides to list on this site as well as on other listings websites, a new channel of buyers  is generated by Assquire. However, we presently waive this fee completely as above whilst the Assquire and Mortgage Alternative products establish their stock for sale, to give our Assquire investor buyers optimum choice. 


A new wider channel of buyers for each seller category is generated by Assquire.  Our listing fee is a low cost “use of Assquire system fee” to access that market when you consider that other listings websites only offer investor buyers the usual 2-3% net return on many properties. consistently offer higher net rents to Assquire investors and lower entry costs to their MA buyers compared to many conventional mortgages that home buyers otherwise may or may not qualify for. Granted some investment properties will offer higher net yields than 2-3% net (after all costs), but our properties consistently offer contracted 40%-60% higher gross rents, so it is up to you to do the numbers and compare.

Q5: I am a builder or developer or a project marketing agency. How much does a listing cost my builder or developer client as a seller (whether I list with you on or work with your people at my own public information briefing sessions at my site or my location of choice?

A5: Builders and project marketing companies are in the business of selling properties, so sales commissions are applied in their cases that cover the listing fee.


If you are a vendor that is a licensed builder or developer of homes or apartments under relevant laws (or a project marketing agency for such) and you sell new homes or apartments in the ordinary course of your business, and your business would like to access a promising new sales channel and sell your properties to Assquire® investors wanting to use Assquire®, then we want to hear from you! Phone: 1300 760 213 or email

If you’d prefer to have access to the Assquire and Mortgage Alternative home buyers, but don’t wish to have them publicly displayed on our website, but rather sold by information session, Haigslea Residential can accommodate that too.

Otherwise, just go straight to the Become a Seller menu on the home page and fill out the web form with your details, so that we can discuss what’s involved in selling for you and licensing you to assist in promoting Assquire and Mortgage Alternative to your investor and home seeker buyer audiences (the advantage of using is that we can sell them too, to our direct and indirect audiences of buyers from many other sales channels we use) for particular properties you are selling.

You can legitimately increase your sales (and those of your vendor clients) by bringing your available  housing stock (whether split contracts or completed stock) through Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd and Haigslea Residential Limited to sell, so that this approved stock can be made available by you and by us to potential Assquire® investors (on your normal settlement terms) as purchaser and also to MA home buyers via Expression of Interest campaigns run by you and/or your developer clients.

Your clients are still building for an ultimate owner occupier’s needs, as the Assquire® investor will sell and lease (on extended settlement terms) to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer customer for subsequent occupation upon completion.

Now what property developers, home builders, project marketing companies and vendors don’t want a new channel of motivated buyers, entering your price points for higher accelerated investment returns or with lower deposits and no mortgage insurance to worry about?

Please note: The builder/vendor’s settlement is the usual 30-60 day or other conventional split contracts settlement, not ten years!


Haigslea Residential’s experienced sales and distribution staff can, if you wish, attend your sales meetings and, where desired, relevant builder sales and project marketing sales staff may undertake a short training course for your business to become a fully Assquire® accredited and trained product agent. If you are not sure if your employer is Assquire® licensed, ask them.

Licence fees are as follows and subject to negotiation:

Each property vendor pays a fee to use the Assquire® system on a per unit of property basis. For builders and developers, we recommend you only list around four properties per estate or development site, as by having your stock lists, we can promote each estate sufficiently without over exposing it. This fee is negotiated and can be as low as a flat $1,900 + GST per house and land package or unit payable upon listing on The balance (to total 1.31% plus GST in aggregate of house and land package) is levied when the builder/developer sale closes to the Assquire® investor (an additional $4,650 + GST for a $500,000 house and land package).

For house and land packages, the second tranche of the listing fee on sale is levied at a time of unconditional sale of the land to the Assquire® investor, with builder deposit paid and unconditional contract to build signed, so the only upfront fee to use the Assquire® system is the $1,900 + GST on 4 units or houses per estate stage.

Higher fees are levied if this fee is delayed, as some builders prefer to only pay on getting a result. This can be accommodated too, so please just ask.

You can approach Haigslea Residential or Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd (see Contact Us page of this website) for your own Assquire® licence for your development and become an accredited and trained product agent today. Alternately, Haigslea Residential’s own agents will sell them for you or work with your project marketing agency.

Qn 6: As a Seller to an Assquire investor under "Buy to Live In" on the home page, must my real estate agent conjunct with your affiliated agency, Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) in the sale of my home or investment property?

A6: There is no compulsion to do so, but it is the seller’s choice at the time they appoint their agent.

Most real estate agencies have traditionally not liked conjunctions, but with the Assquire system, conjunctions are definitely the way to go, in getting properties sold faster! Another example of Assquire being a game changer.

HRL encourages conjunctions for the benefit of the seller and HRL’s and its own channel partners who produce an Assquire investor buyer or other MA buyer for your property. HRL’s conjunction fee to the selling agent can be as low as 8% of the sales price, so its definitely worth investigating more closely.

Sellers please note also: The holder of the exclusive agency agreement has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their client. They are also contracted by you to use their best endeavours to sell the property under the agency agreement. By refusing to deal with a conjunction agent, the agent may not be acting in the best interests of their client and therefore may be liable for damages. Assquire brings a completely new channel of buyers.

So in summary, it is the seller’s choice when they sign their agency appointment whether to accept a conjunction or not, so please talk to your agent about HRL’s very reasonable conjunction fee, to access these wider channels of buyers.

For them to be waiting to buy your property, you need to list it on  These new wider channels of buyers for vendors are too good to miss.

Q7: Can I list now?

A7: Yes, we’re open for business. List your property while there is much less competition than on other real estate sites, as buyers seeking lower entry costs under the Assquire system can only purchase from this website or direct from Assquire investors.

Q8: If I list, how many home buyers will see my advertisement?

A8: Put it this way. If you were a buyer with only 5% deposit saved (inclusive of any stamp duty) for say a $500,000 home and did not want to pay over $16,000 for mortgage insurance or have part of it added to your hefty mortgage, where would you go to buy your home?

We are early days as a new business (hence the early discount on sellers listing today) but competition among buyers at large for the limited number of Assquire properties that we initially list might become fierce as word spreads, because of the very limited opportunities for Assquired properties and particularly the no mortgage insurance savings.

Also, competition among Assquire investors chasing higher net yields on their investment properties (especially self funded retirees and self managed superannuation funds) could also mean you will face increasing competition from other Assquire listings made later that compete to get that higher net  yield. is the ONLY website where Mortgage Alternative (MA) home buyers get lower entry costs and no mortgage insurance to move into the home they are buying. In these days of social media, how long do you think it will take for word to spread among buyers that home buyers can now, for the first time, purchase a home on as little as 4.5% deposit (inclusive of any stamp duty) and with no mortgage insurance? And brokers get paid a commission on a “notional mortgage” to procure occupier buyers and Assquire investors too and to refer them to us.

Q9: How do I (or my acting real estate agent) place a listing with you, as a vendor to an Assquire investor?

A9: Read (and agree to) the terms and conditions on this website and then ask your real estate agent to fill in the vendor web form (at the “Become a Seller” menu) on this website (where you (or your agent on your behalf) makes the statement of agreement to our website terms and conditions). You can only sell direct to Assquire investors, not MA home buyers, but we are speaking with a number of builders of new homes and their project marketing companies about running “Expressions of Interest” campaigns with Mortgage Alternative home buyers to qualify interested MA buyers ahead of Assquire investor take up, so expect home buyers to want to be shown through your established property by your real estate agent too, or to enquire of builder sales staff at their sales offices at their various estates.

Q10: I love the idea of extra cash monthly from my current rental property. How do I place a listing as a current landlord or as a new Assquire type of investor?

A10: Go to and apply to become an Assquire investor. That dedicated site has been developed to explain the Assquire system to you.

Stock queries
Q14: How many real estate agents do you have selling properties?

A14: We do not sell properties. We are not a real estate agent. We are a property listings website offering a listing service for a listing fee. The real estate industry  sell the properties. One of our affiliated companies (Haigslea Residential Limited ACN 168 101 479) is a licensed real estate agent (Qld Licence Number 3995434) appointed by Assquire investors and works in with other real estate agents in the industry, builders, project marketing companies and with the banks and the mortgage broking community to distribute the Assquire investment and Mortgage Alternative (MA) home buyer products to both investors and home buyers.

In very limited cases, Haigslea Residential can also act for conventional vendors like builders of new homes or apartments and owners of established homes too, but we have a limited capacity to do this, so be quick if you want that service. Go to the Become a Seller (builder) or Become A Seller (agency) or Become a Seller – Project Marketers menu of this website under the “Become a Seller” menu and apply to be considered.

Q15: As a seller to an Assquire investor under “Buy to Invest” on the home page, can my building company or real estate agent access this wider channel of buyers and appoint (or conjunct with) your affiliated agent, Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL), in the sale of both new homes or my established home?

A15: Yes, absolutely, but we anticipate high demand, so you might need to be patient.

If you are a real estate agent, your selling agent/agency simply contacts our Mortgage Alternative Property Listings Dept at or on 1300 760 213, if you wish to access the wider channel of buyers and sell your home TO an Assquire investor directly (or to a mortgage alternative home buyer indirectly via an Assquire investor). If you are a traditional vendor/seller, in selecting and appointing your sales agency to represent you, make sure your agency has access to the Assquire system. Your agency will be listed in the Buy to Invest listing as the contact person for the buyer inquiries, and an Assquire salesperson will be nominated in the listing description also, if the Assquire investor buyer has any queries about the Assquire system. Jointly, HRL and your chosen selling agency will use the Assquire system to source one or more Assquire investors wanting to purchase your home.

Any MA home buyer wanting to live in your property can still be shown through the property by your chosen agency, and your agency will list the property as per your instructions and on this website’s terms. In this instance, HRL and your agency have the potential to procure either a conventional buyer OR the Assquire investor, by demonstrating much higher yields to the Assquire investor buyer and willing sellers and willing buyers on either side of any interested Assquire investor.

Flags on individual properties are in development on the website to reflect such a status (waiting MA buyers) for a particular property, when it arises. These new channels of buyers for vendors will be explained at the Vendor page when it comes on line. The best way to approach this is through your agency completing the Become a Seller form on this website.

If you are a builder and want to access this wider channel of buyers too to make more, faster sales, you will need Haigslea Residential’s sales assistance, and you will need to apply to us for an Assquire licence which you can commence by going to “Become a Seller – Builders” on this website and completing your builder details. We will then contact you. Otherwise, HRL will act solely for the buyer of your property – where they seek the higher yields as an Assquire investor.

Q16: I’m a buyer looking to purchase a home to live in. How do I get to own one of these properties, and what are the terms?

A16: We call you a Mortgage Alternative (MA) home buyer and you can most easily purchase a property on “Buy To Live in” from an Assquire investor, who lists the property for sale there. Go to for details on why and how to become an MA home buyer.

Q17: Ok, I understand as a buyer, I must apply on in relation to a particular address of property either elsewhere or on this BOI website, and be accepted. If I do that, how do I make an offer on one of the “Buy to Live in” properties ready to go (or on a "Buy To Invest" one that an Assquire investor might feel disposed to buy if I'm already approved as an MA Buyer?)

A17: With an MA ID and an Indicative Purchasing Ability Letter (IPAL) from the seller’s agency (HRL), you can simply search for any property you like and submit it by completing the Offer to Purchase form and emailing it to – our friendly Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) staff will then take the process from there and act directly for the “Buy To Live in” ones (so please check those out first) or speak with the selling agent on the “Buy to Invest” ones to see what can be done there.

Q18: As a home buyer looking to live in a property using Mortgage Alternative, can I inspect one of the vendor properties listed by a builder or real estate agency on “Buy to Assquire” also, if there is nothing I like on “Buy to Live in”?

A18: Yes , you can if the builder’s sales staff or the seller’s real estate agency will kindly show it to you, as this portal owner (Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd) is about getting listings away and sold for our listing clients (builders and real estate agents as well as HRL) as best we are able – and so is the builder or the seller’s agent  – as is HRL as the Assquire investor’s agent. It’s slightly different, but it’s the same principle of selling real estate, but just with an extra party involved.

However, as an MA home buyer, you must first apply for the Mortgage Alternative (MA) product (so that we or one of our friendly banks or mortgage broker panel or we can check your eligibility for MA). You must also secure an MA ID at the Registration or buyer application page. Your buyer application for MA, if successful, may ultimately lead to the delivery to you by HRL of an Indicative Purchasing Ability Letter (IPAL – referred to in the answer to the question above) which simply tells you the maximum Agreed Value you can purchase a property for, with an indication of likely monthly payments.

The IPAL should then be able to be taken to an open inspection or show flat/display village on a Saturday, to let the real estate agent of the seller or builder sales staff (as the case may be) know that you most likely have capacity to buy within that IPAL limit. You may however, depending upon how many Assquire investors have committed to the process already and are awaiting matching to MA Buyers at the time you are approved, need to wait until an Assquire investor “completes the loop” with their approval via Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL), as MA buyers can only transact to buy on Assquire terms with an HRL approved Assquire investor.

So it is best to start with the “Buy to Live in” properties that are already held by Assquire investors on the title, particularly if you have your 4.5% or 5% saved. If not, start saving! Buying a home has never been able to be done this way before, and the Assquire system has now arrived to help home buyers reignite the great Australian dream of home ownership.

It’s not suitable for all buyers, and you will need a solicitor’s certificate to help convince us you understand that Mortgage Alternative is best for your personal circumstances and independent advice that it might be correct for you.

Q19: I have checked out Why Mortgage Alternative and I have seen a property on another listings website that I'd like to live in as an MA buyer. Can I apply on that property?

A19: For a short time only, because we want to give MA buyers as much choice of location and homes as possible, we will accept listings from vendors whose selling agent is not Assquire sub-licensed, while news of this new way of selling properties percolates through the market. It’s a new channel of buyers for listings agents, and we think those agencies will be interested in attracting as much buyer interest to their client’s properties for sale as possible. All savvy agents use all channels available to sell homes, and with MA buyers looking on our site to avoid paying upfront mortgage insurance, lower their deposit, and get in sooner, what agent wouldn’t want to promote their client’s property to a new wider class of buyers. Oftentimes, MA is the ONLY way these buyers can afford a particular suburb, so agents won’t find and satisfy these MA buyers via conventional means on other real estate portals.

New Assquire investors chasing these much higher gross rents will be no doubt looking for more homes to purchase on, and where another agencies’ seller and an MA buyer have already been matched, that’s a real positive for that other agency, the Assquire investor, Haigslea Residential and the MA Buyer!

So buyers in this category who attend an open house and absolutely love the property should strongly encourage the seller’s listing agent to list the property for sale to Assquire investors on this site as “Buy to Live In”. They can do that today using the Vendor webform on this site, and don’t have to wait any longer than usual for their commission, as Assquire investors buy from sellers on conventional terms.

It is the MA buyer only, who has the extended settlement.

Q20: I have other questions on how Assquire and Mortgage Alternative work. Where can I learn more?

A20: Investors can learn more about the Assquire system at “What is Assquire?”.

Home buyers looking for lower entry costs and no mortgage insurance up front can learn more about Why MA here and can see its features and benefits (and more information on who it suits and doesn’t suit) here.
Builders go to for more details, or if that link is down for maintenance, simply log your details with us at There are only a limited number of builders sales staff that we can engage with, so complete the web form here without delay.

Real estate agents, simply log your details with us at There are only a limited number of agencies that we can engage with, so complete the web form here without delay.

Conjunction Queries - the New World Order on Why You Should Conjunct with HRL
Q25: What if Another Real Estate Agency has a Buyer for My Listing, but it is a Mortgage Alternative Buyer and not an Assquire Investor Buyer? Will they Require a Conjunction Fee on top of HRL's 8% Conjunction Fee fro Bringing the Assquire Investor Buyer to my Listing?

A25: Not likely, as their Mortgage Alternative (MA) Buyer is not a buyer from your seller, so no entitlement to a conjunction fee arises. MA buyers can only purchase from Assquire investors.

The Assquire system is designed to still encourage the other agency to refer their MA Buyer to your listing, if it is visible on, as they are in the running and highly likely to get the ongoing property management from HRL Group and its Assquire investor, if they refer the MA Buyer and sign HRL’s Assquire sales conjunction agreement.

In this way, we save sellers’ agents from needing to make further conjunction agreements, in cases where HRL is bringing the Assquire investor and MA buyer. So your agent keeps more of their commission.

It is, however, also possible that another agency may bring the Assquire investor to you (although we think this will be rare). It is more likely they will bring MA buyers (e.g. ones relocating for work).

MA Buyers Have Greater Suburb Choice and Can Afford More for the Same Deposit Saved

Put simply, any other real estate agent in your city (or HRL via direct on line applications from MA buyers) may have an MA home buyer wanting to live in  your seller client’s suburb, where MA may be the only way they can afford a way in, because of the lower up front costs with Mortgage Alternative.

If listed with BuyOrInvest, your seller’s property is visible to them.

Are they wanting to live in your seller’s property? You won’t know, if you don’t list that property on

In some cases, Mortgage Alternative may be the only product with a low enough deposit and lower up front costs to ALLOW that particular buyer to buy a home in your particular suburb. This is where shines over other listings portals.

Where the Assquire Investor Comes From

HRL (and its partner channels) may have (or have the potential to procure) the Assquire investor who wants your property, by demonstrating willing sellers and willing MA buyers for the same property, on either side of any interested Assquire investor.

MA Buyers should typically search by suburb on, but will also look at

Flags on individual properties are in development on the website to reflect the buyer status for a particular property, when it arises (such as MA buyers waiting or under MA buyer offer; Under contract etc).

What Does My Selling Agent Need to Do?

If your selling agency has completed their agency appointment as conjuncting with Haigslea Residential in section C of the Item Schedule for Residential Sales, HRL will be able to refer their own MA buyer enquiries to your agency and to your property. And that conjunction will open up all these channels of new buyers to your property and your sales agent.