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  • Project Marketing Company Information

    This form is to be completed only by Project Marketing Companies acting for Australian licensed builders and is for registering your details so that Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd (MAPL) can send you an Offer to List letter and an Offer to Apply for a Project Marketer Assquire Licence (PMAL) issued by MAPL.

    This is the process for listing your client's properties for sale to prospective Assquire investors.

    Once we have this information, listing your client's properties will be quicker and easier in future, using a Developer ID.

    This form is not for Builders or Real Estate Agencies selling for Mums and Dads. See separate forms under "Become a Seller" menu.

    By submitting this form, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Holders of a PMAL issued by MAPL hold no interest in the Assquire or Mortgage Alternative Products or IP rights owned by Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd and/or licensed by Haigslea Residential Limited save that they can use the PMAL Licence granted by MAPL in their sale of the residential properties in Australia specifically covered by the Licence and listed on this website.

    The licensee must not use the Assquire Contract of Sale and other Associated Documents for any other transaction or in relation to any other Property without the written consent of MAPL, which consent may be withheld in the absolute discretion of MAPL.

    Other terms and conditions for issue of a PMAL will be discussed with you as part of the listing process.