This page is for Building Inspectors who have read the Haigslea Residential Limited Property Risk Unit (PRU) standing instructions for building inspectors, and (by completion of the form below) acknowledge that they understand them and are able to provide building inspection reports that meet those reporting requirements and wish to join our panel of approved building inspectors.

To join the panel, please fill in your details on the registration form below, providing the information requested, and a member of our PRU will get back to you, to advise you further on our Assquire system procedures and needs.

To request a copy of the PRU Standing Instructions or if you have any other queries, email noting the words “Request for Standing Instructions – Building Inspectors” in the email subject heading, and providing your full name, company name, and your email and mobile phone contact details, so that we can process your application.

For other questions, please identify the nature of your query and we will respond as soon as practicable.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Haigslea Residential Limited’s residential property Building Inspector panel.

Join our Building Inspector Panel

  • Building Inspector Registration Form

    This form is to be completed only by residential property Building Inspectors with recent experience in residential property building inspection and is for registering their details so that we can send them information on how to join Haigslea Residential Limited's independent panel of approved Building Inspectors.

    Please note that we are only currently seeking building inspections for residential properties located in South East Queensland.

    Why We Need This

    This is an important part of our quality control process and the Assquire system criteria for reporting on building inspections for residential property, and for Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) referring Assquire investors' residential property building inspection requests to you. Such building inspection reports must be fit for purpose.

    An investor may hold the residential property for up to a further ten years, before achieving settlement with a Mortgage Alternative (MA) home buyer, so structural integrity and durability of the property, as well as possibly the location of the property, are important to meet the investor's needs, as well as their contractual obligations to a MA home buyer.

    Once we have the information requested in this form, taking these referrals to our panel of building inspectors as agent for the particular Assquire investor will be quicker and easier in future, using your Building Inspector ID, which we will assign to approved building inspectors in our panel.

    This form is not for residential property valuers or other independent advisers. See separate form under "Partner log in" menu.

  • Please insert names (one per line) and their contact mobile numbers and years of experience at residential building inspections in Australia, so that our Property Risk Unit staff can identify them or contact them if required. Please also provide evidence of their being authorised building inspectors of your business.
  • Please insert relevant details of how and when the issue arose, how resolved and, if not resolved, when you expect it to be resolved.
  • Please provide enough detail to allow us to contextualise your business operations.
  • If yes, please state the States or Territories in which you currently operate
  • At this time, we are only offering properties in South East Queensland. Please check back with this website or at at a later date when we will be offering properties in other locations. Properties are being added to every day, and properties throughout the Greater Brisbane area will be added in coming weeks and months. Feel free to state the areas you are prepared to service
  • Please provide enough detail to allow us to contextualise your and your affiliated entities' business operations.
  • Before submitting the form please complete the security validation below.