This page is for Mortgage Alternative buyers wishing to purchase a new or established home.

As Mortgage Alternative home buyers can only purchase and lease on deferred settlement terms from Assquire investors, our current focus is on sourcing properties from investors, builders and other vendors.

As soon as they are available, they will be listed below.

However, as we do want to get qualifying buyers into a home of their dreams with MA as soon as possible, we have introduced a priority waitlisting system for Mortgage Alternative Home buyers on a first come first served basis, where they nominate as their desired property address one of the properties listed for sale on the “Invest” page of this website – the ones listed for purchase by Assquire investors only.

Assquire is all about matching investors and home buyers needs. The logic is that if you are an MA buyer, like one of the “Invest” homes as your new dream home to live in, and have applied for (and qualify for) one of those homes, an Assquire investor knows that you are there and waiting, reducing their vacancy risks before an MA buyer is located. Makes good sense, doesn’t it.

So if you don’t see anything you like below, or they have all sold already, go to our “Invest” page and see if something there takes your fancy, and apply noting the desired address at

Please note: All properties for sale on this page are for MA buyers to live in and are listed at the Base Price for listing (today’s price). This is not the 10 year Purchase Price, which requires escalation using the Assquire methodology and fixed escalation factors. The same is true of properties listed on the Invest page. Move in now! These homes can be purchased on a lower deposit and with no expensive mortgage insurance. If you are an investor looking for higher yields on your current investment property, you must list your property for sale on this “Buy” page of this website. If you are an investor looking to buy an investment property to resell and lease for up to ten years to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer, you must review properties for sale by builders and other vendors on conventional terms on the “Invest” page of this website.

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